Dams - Doodles On The Ridge


Our Ladies


Aspen is a beautiful  golden retriever. She has a beautiful coat and a wonderful, sweet personality to match. She is eager to please and loves to play.. Aspen has an inquisitive nature, and takes every opportunity to go  exploring with her best friend, Brie.. She is fearless, and not afraid of any new experience that she encounters.


Autumn is a beautiful female Bernese Mountain Dog. She is one of our largest females, and has beautiful markings that are perfectly characteristic of the breed. She gets along with all of her doggie friends, and loves to swim in the pond. She loves people and craves human attention. If we are out and about, she can be found shadowing us. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, Autumn is always there ready to give her love.


Bailey is an “almost” white Golden Retriever. She is eager to please and fun loving. She is always the first to greet anyone that she comes in contact with. True to the Golden Retriever reputation, she is extremely intelligent. Bailey has a beautiful coat, and her gait is outstanding. Her parents have completed several obedience trials, and she comes from championship bloodlines on her mother’s side.


Beta is an adorable, pettie standard poodle female. She is a beautiful off-white and tan parti colored girl, with the most striking gold colored eyes. While she loves to be pampered, she loves being outdoors, pursuing one of her favorite games, chasing hummingbirds. She loves to go for a drive in the car, sneaking into any open car door, when you aren’t watching.




Brie is a Golden Retriever with a wonderful personality. She is bright and very inquisitive. She is the one with her nose in the holes in the stream, nose in the dirt, or climbing fallen branches to check out what surprises she might discover there. Her coat is silky and medium golden in color. She is always smiling and happy. She is small in stature, but big in heart. She is a typical, retriever, her favorite toy is her tennis ball, and any stick she finds becomes a toy.


Brooke is a stunning royal standard poodle. She is a large girl, with a beautiful white coat. She loves to play ball with all of her buddies, and one of her favorite games is chasing the four wheeler. She loves being with people, and is always by my side.



Chestnut is the sister of Nutmeg. She has the most beautiful coat.  Chestnut is all about having fun! She loves to chase all of her buddies around. She is quite mischievous, always looking for a way a way to get into some trouble. When she is playing with people, she is always trying to be the center of attention.







Ember is an adorable white standard  poodle and comes from a long line of show poodles, although she has never herself been a show dog. She is quite affectionate, and loves to be a lap dog. She is at home out galloping across the property with all of her buddies, or being curled up at your feet next to your chair.


Grace is a new addition to our kennel. She happens to be our oldest dog, a beautiful, champagne colored standard poodle. She has a great personality, and gets along well with other dogs. You can always find her hanging out around the chicken coop. Her favorite pastime is chasing the chickens from one end of the coop to the other.


Jada is a Bernese Mountain Dog with a sweet personality and gentle demeanor. She loves to play with her four legged buddies and is very friendly with people. She has a beautiful wavy coat. She has the classic Bernese Mountain Dog look with beautiful brown eyebrows.



Journey is female Bernese Mountain Dogs. In fact, she is Autumn’s sister. She is not as big as her sister and has beautiful coat, and freckles all over her nose. Her best friends are Autumn, and Skye. They hang out quite a bit together, and always go on a morning swim together. She is a bit more shy than her sister, but is very inquisitive.


Nutmeg is a beautiful dark brown standard poodle. She has the most beautiful, soft coat, and beautiful, expressive eyes. Just as most Standard Poodles, she is very intelligent, and inquisitive. She is full of energy, and constantly on the move. She loves to run, and her favorite pastime is to wrestle with her  buddies.


Paisley is Ember’s sister. She too has a snowy white coat, but is small in stature, in comparison to her sister. She has this really adorable behavior of always greeting you with a cute doggie “smile”. Don’t let her bubbly personality and her cute smile fool you, she loves to get into trouble. She loves to nip at her playmates to start the game of chase or begin the next wrestling match.


Penny is a Yellow Labrador Retriever who is full of excitement and adventure! Her parents are duck retrievers. She is extremely intelligent and definitely comes from a working dog background. She has a beautiful block head and absolutely loves the water. She wears her feelings on her sleeves and loves unconditionally. She’s everyone’s friend and typically goes from friend to friend until she finds someone who is ready to play.


River is a female Standard Poodle. She has a striking silky black coat, with a beautiful white streak on her chest. Her coat, is lustrous and shiny. She is quite athletic and loves to run. She is quite the prankster, and she is always amidst the action. She will nip at one of her buddies to get a wrestling match or a game of dog tag going. To get your attention, she will come up behind you and paw at your leg. She loves to be the center of attention.



Sadie is a Goldendoodle. She is an outstanding dog in many ways. She is extremely intelligent and very athletic.  She is by far the fastest of all of our dogs. She plays and chases the others, but when she’s had enough, she floors it, and the others are left in the dust. Her smile is always on her face, and she has been known to wink at you as she greets you. She is all the good you find in both breeds. Her puppies will be  F1b, which means 75% Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever. This will mean most likely no shedding.



Skye is a female Bernese Mountain Dogs. She loves the a water dog. If she had her way, she would stay in the pond and swim all day long! Very seldom will you find her without wet fur. She loves the other dogs and makes friends easily. She can be quite mischievous and she’s in the middle of just about every wrestling match It’s also quite likely that she started it!


Shiloh is an English Chocolate Labrador Retriever. She is very gentle and kind. She has a beautiful coat and green eyes. She loves the water and will swim laps in the pond whether it is 90 degrees or 20 degrees outside. She is somewhat of a clown and her quirky behavior is keeps us laughing.




Truffles is Black Labrador Retriever with a beautiful black silky coat and green eyes. She is highly trainable and has a sweet obedient nature. She loves the water and makes friends very easily. Truffles is very athletic, and loves to run and play with her buddies. One of her favorite activities is playing ball.


Willow is a Bernese Mountain Dog with a sweet, kind nature. She can be quite clownish and her mouth turns upwards, which makes her look like she is smiling constantly. Her coat is thick and more straight than curly. She is very curious and loves the water.