Why Us - Doodles On The Ridge

Why Us

Why Doodles on the Ridge?

There are lots of kennels out there, many to choose from. Some are great, some are not. Some are huge, some are very small. I’m sure that you can have a great adoption experience with many of them. But why should you choose Doodles on the Ridge?

Family…..our dogs are part of our family. We have invested our lives into the well being of our dogs. They are an integral part of our family. Every one of our dogs was chosen to be family members. Each one has been nurtured as a member of our family group.

The “Thrive Environment”…..Everything we have done at Doodles on the Ridge has been about creating what we call, a “Thrive Environment” for our dogs. There are the basic things that all kennels can provide……food, water, veterinary care, and shelter. But what we have goes way beyond that. Our 15 acre property has been developed with one thing in mind, creating an environment where every one of our dogs can have a great day every day. Our dogs have a 15 acre playground with everything they need for enrichment. The woods, rolling hills, spring-fed pond, and beautiful creek…. they have unlimited access to all of it. A full time staff is here to oversee their care and to ensure that their needs are met. Although we do not judge anyone who chooses to kennel their dogs, we have chosen to allow them the freedom to come and go as they please. They do, however, have full access to the kennel any time they choose to use it. The Thrive environment is all about happy, well balanced dogs.

Our Experience….. We have several decades of experience in raising fantastic puppies to bring enrichment to the lives of many families. That experience helps us provide the right puppy uniquely chosen for your family.

Our Values…..this is the most important thing about Doodles on the Ridge – our values – what we believe in. It drives everything that we do. At the heart of everything we do is doing what is best for our dogs and our puppies. For all intents and purposes, they are our children. We never do anything that would be unhealthy or create a risk to our dogs. We will never allow a dog to be bred that is too young, too old, and we will never breed a dog too often. We will never put our dogs or puppies in an unsafe environment or situation. We will never place a puppy for a adoption that is not mature or healthy enough for placement. We took great care to make sure that the dogs we choose to adopt were of the highest quality and health. We monitor the genetics of our dogs to make sure that they all will be free of congenital issues for years to come.  Our values are at the core of everything we do.

As a side note, we only love and socialize your puppy, we do not train or house break them. We have some additional friends in the business that would love to help you train and/or board your puppy if you need the services. As always, please feel free to give us a call if you need these services.