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Bernese Mountain Dog

What Is A Bernese Mountain Dog?

Bernese Mountain Dogs originated in the farm lands of Switzerland. They are a large breed with a beautiful thick coat. they are working dogs and originally bred to pull wagons and carts and to protect flocks and other livestock. They love being outdoors and thrive in cooler weather. They are noted for being clever and playful, sometimes known for their “clownish” behavior. There are many reasons why a Bernese Mountain Dog would be a good choice for the right family, including:

  • very loyal family companion
  • great with children
  • very social with other dogs and people
  • easy to groom
  • loves to play
  • loves the outdoors loves to guard and herd livestock
  • a large companion
  • fun to have around

Some things to consider…

  • not suitable for small homes or apartments
  • they don’t like the heat unless they access to water
  • they shed
  • a big dog
  • generally live 10 years of less

You should expect your Bernese Mountain Dog to weigh 80 to 130 pounds depending on genetics and sex.