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Feeding & Care

Feeding & Care Advice

It’s important that you pick a good high quality food for your puppy. We will not recommend a brand because there are many great brands out there, and it comes down to personal choice.  I would stay away from those that include a lot of grains. Those that are high in protein are great choices. Foods with high amounts of protein are especially important for dogs during their formative years, up to 18 months. We recommend dry foods and are not big fans of wet or soft foods. These foods tend to promote plaque build up on your puppy’s teeth.  Cooking foods for your puppy can be a great plan provided you focus on more organic and natural presentations. We do not recommend feeding your puppy table scraps.

There are different approaches as to how often you feed your puppy. Some experts recommend that you feed your puppy 2 to 3 times a day following a set schedule.  Others recommend an open feeding approach allowing the puppy free choice as to when and how much he/she eats.  We, here at Doodles on the Ridge, choose to allow our dogs free choice. They choose when and how much they want/need. It is available to them at all times. As long as they have the ability to run and play as much as they want, then a continuous feeder will not create an unhealthy overweight dog.