Sires - Doodles On The Ridge


Our Gentlemen


Beaux is a White Standard Poodle with a “man about town” attitude. He is known to cross his legs when he is perched on a hill watching the other dogs play. He is athletic and true to the Poodle reputation, very intelligent. He is athletic and very protective of the pack.


Bentley is a large gray and silver parti colored male standard poodle.He is always ready to play, and can be found running after his closest buddy, Beaux. He is quite gentle, and gets along with all of the other dogs. He is very agile, and is often seen playing a game of tag with all of his friends.


Fox is a large, young, Merle colored standard poodle. He is very friendly and very athletic. He loves to chase all of his female doggie friends around the property, he’s quite the ladies man! He loves people and always ready to give you a big hug.


Izzy is our beautiful, young male Golden Retriever. He has a nice, light tan wavy, soft coat. Izzy has a big blocky head, with large beautiful eyes. He loves the water, and spends a great deal of playtime, chasing his three best friends around the edges of the pond. 


Major is an Apricot Standard Poodle full of personality! His personality is apparent in his pictures. He is extremely bright and very attached to his mother, me! He is athletic and loves the water.


Necco is a young male Bernese Mountain Dog. He is massive, weighing 130 pounds. He was raised by an amish family in northern Ohio. While he is a big dog, he is a gentle giant. He is very playful, and full of clownish antics. Not only does he love to play with the other dogs, he loves to play with us. Brace yourself when he jumps up to give you a hug. He doesn’t know just how big he is.


Ollie is our youngest male Bernese Mountain Dog. He is only seven months old, just a baby. He loves to play in the water with his buddies. He has a beautiful coat, characterized by a large white spot between his shoulders. He is growing rapidly, and will no doubt be a big clown when he grows up.


Sarg is our youngest male standard poodle. He is a striking young male, with vivid white and brown colors. He is our smallest male poodle, but what he lacks in stature, he makes up for in athletic ability. He is full of energy and is constantly on the move. You have to look closely for him, because he often is just a playful blurr.


Winston is a Bernese Mountain Dog. He is a beautiful Bernese with an outstanding gait and stance. His coat is straight and silky. He has a friendly loving personality.  He is really a big dog with a gentle personality. His father weighs 150 pounds, and Winston will be a big boy just like his dad!